Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

It's that time again! Tricky Feb 29th has snuck up on us. Apparently there are some people freaking out with confusion on the reason for having an extra day every four years. Calm down, crazies, it's a scientific adjustment to make up for the extra hours per year that are not counted in our regular calendars.

Confused? Apparently there are not 365 days in a year, technically it is 365 days and "x" amount of hours. So to even our the count, an extra day is added every four years. Google it if you're still interested!

With an extra day in the year I suppose we all would want to have taken advantage and do something meaningful but guess what? I spent the entire day being sick sick and staying in my pjs and abusing my tissue boxes. I did manage to do major cleaning around the house in order to sanitize everything. Don't want to spread my adorable germs!

March is tomorrow! If you can remember, my February goal was to eat healthier, exercise more, and just make healthier choices. Well, I did somewhat accomplish my goal by exercising a bit more for the first two weeks of the month and then it dwindled down to just once during the third week and now I'm sitting here not wanting to move. 

Diet-wise I incorporated a lot more veggies but then last week the entire process went down the drain. Since I had a birthday and anniversary, my willingness to eat healthy went away and while I was not awful, I definitely felt guilty - hence my junk food ban this week. Eep!

March. What should my next goal be? I'm going to continue trying to make healthier decisions and I do want to blog more...hmm

I think a good point of doing these monthly goals and documenting them is that I gain something. Whether it's health consciousness or mental enrichment, I want to make every step count. I'll think of a March goal and report on it tomorrow. See you all then!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ick I am sIck



Puffs vs Kleenex

A ban on junk food


Q: Which of those four items do not belong?



Hehe, I'm exaggerating. Hello healthy folk, I am not one of you today. I woke up with a sniffly nose and a lack of tissues. Eep!

Four hours later and I'm back at home with a work laptop. Oh world, how you humor me. It's only Tuesday so three more days to go!

So yes, I've given up junk food for a week. Junk food meaning sugary candies, chips, excessive cheese, sweet coffee/tea drinks, etc... I've given up sodas for over a year now and have not really felt any desire to turn back. I shared my one week challenge with coworkers and one asked, "what are you doing this for?" 

Silly to hear this but I understand what he means. We all glance at our 'American diet' without a second thought, our heavily sauced meals are topped off with sugary drinks and giant desserts. I am not a diet freak and am not obsessed with calorie counts or anything to lose weight. This is not about the number. 

I feel like we should all try to better our lifestyles as we age- be it exercise, diet, or anything else. Life is always about bettering yourself for your future self. Confused yet? Perfect.

Bottom line - I am going to continue on my one week hiatus to cut out junk food. It is really a test to see what foods I crave and what I want or do not want in my diet. I do kind of miss my after dinner chocolate though.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling spoiled, the good kind of spoiled

So I celebrated yet another birthday earlier this week. I believe I am one of the minority that really enjoys birthdays and really appreciates getting older. Yes, I did just say (type) that.

But yes now I am officially 26 and depending on which end of the spectrum you are, this age may either seem really old or really young. Regardless, I love aging another year - learning new lessons and living new experiences whilst putting old memories into the ole memory safe. Locked and safe but never lost.

Even as I age another year, I still feel that slight joy in seeing loving messages/texts/skywriting from friends and family on "my" little day. Which brings me to an important point for today's bloggy blog.

Life is short, life is significant, and life is worth celebrating. Every second of it. I don't think you can ever be too old to be celebrated. To be spoiled by loved ones is 100% just as wonderful and exciting as spoiling others.

I just had a fantastical night, feeling like the ultimate spoiled brat and I absolutely cherished every moment of it. I say, spoil your friends and family and then allow them to spoil you once in a while. It's important to take a break from stinginess, it's worth that splurge.

I am so blessed to be living the life that I live. And as I record it here - I never want to forget how fortunate I am. Thank you all.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A week of no junky junk junk

What? What did I just type on the title above?

Yes, I have decided to try to give up an entire week of junk food. And let me be honest.

I'm scared.

delicious creation from Frodona!

In other news, work has been uneventful. I celebrated a fantastical anniversary in good ole beautiful Catalina where we ziplined from station to station. I also had a lovely birthday with family and friends swinging from restaurant to restaurant.

I guess all the extra events have made me lazy to update so I'm sorry. I'll try to get back into the swing of things soon!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day

Ok pop quiz - why are we celebrating Presidents Day? Which presidents exactly? How did this originate? Why don't we ALL get this day off?

No, I'm not exactly going to sit here and research all the facts behind this 'Nationally Observed' Holiday but I will say this - why things are the way they are should have a significance in our lives. We should take the time to question what we are doing and how we are doing it.

All I knew as a child was that this was a holiday that allowed me to stay home from school. Now I know. What do I know?

I know that I still know nothing...

I'm going to Google it asap! In the meantime, I just rewatched Aliens (second part of the series) and holy crap my heart was beating faster and faster as the scenes progressed. I've watched it before but sheeshhh - as Jimmy says, "that is the marker of a good movie" and yes, James Cameron has never quite lost his stride.

I've watched quite a few movies ever since my personal discovery of RedBox and am contemplating on doing short reviews. Let me think about it... Trial time:

***Spoiler Alert***


Movie: Aliens

Date Released: 1986

Recap: Woman escapes from alien attack. Big corporation sends her back with marines. Marines go boom boom on planet and most go bye bye. Team finds little girl. Girl looks like blonde mess. Aliens go "rawr" while humans continue to boom boom pow. Aliens go splat but more keep coming. Woman saves little girl and one solider. Surprise! Big Momma Bertha Alien comes and woman has to kah-pow for B.M.B.A. to go away. All good, good night in hyper sleep.

Review: Good movie!


Hmm... maybe I won't be doing movie reviews. What are you all watching these days? I cannot stand sappy movies like The Vow or Notebook or Noteow or Votebook...ok, good night.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A day to remember

I know technically it is February 16th at this early hour of the morning but since I have not gone to sleep yet, it's still February 15th to me.

Guess what today officially is? You guessed it!

It's Wednesday!

Wee? Oh yes, and it is my nine year anniversary with a certain weirdo.

If you're thinking, "which weirdo?" shaddup, Yua/Frodo/May/Mom/Dad/whoever else is reading this.

Nine years ago today this weirdo took me out on my first day-after-Valentines date in my life. It was meant for Valentines but let's keep this story short. We sat and drew the night away whilst our singing waiters walked circles around us. The night felt short and soon after, I awkwardly looked away while he "secretly" paid the bill (I should have offered! Too shy I suppose and now ... too late! tee hee) and we were off.

The next portion of the story is too ooey gooey for me to type out here but it was one of the most beautiful nights and many many years later, here we are.

circa...long time ago heheh

It's a small celebration in our hearts because despite the number, we know it is small in comparison to the number of years to come. 

I have a terrible memory at times, specifically when each event took place as they have mostly blurred into my memory. But all I know is this:

It's Daddy Long Legs, dummy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This update is great. At least that rhymes

So it's about mid-February and my goal to make healthier decisions has been quite inconsistent. 

First off is the focus on healthier eating. 

Diet (one of my most hated words) as in how you eat and what you eat, is very important to our well-being. In terms of my eating habits? Well, I'm definitely eating healthier overall. Over the course of a year but for two weeks, it's a mediocre effort.

I need to do better! The only improvement thus far is more home cooked meals, more veggies, and less meats. I shall continue to improve.

Secondly, exercise. 

I've been okay in this department. Not great but still considerably better than the last six to eight months. 

What's helped most is that I set a steady schedule to fit at least an hour of exercise twice a week. I want to get back to three/four times a week as I did for ten years plus prior to Studio classes. I will try to boost my workouts another level and try to be more active on weekends. It's doable! As long as you try to try, you can succeed. =)

Last, mental well-being. 

I have made a great effcrt to taking care of my mental health by taking necessary breaks throughout work, trying to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun at least once a day, smiling more, letting things go that bother me, resolving feelings early in the situation. Loving myself more is crucial in my growth.

Loving myself never seems to be a problem though.

BTWxyz, I'm going to try to figure out a more consistent schedule for blogging - say every Monday through Thursday or every other day or...we'll figure it out. Just know that I will not let go of this blog any time soon!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The much anticipated blog post

Yes fine, I will finally do it. I've never felt so conflicted of whether or not to celebrate this...well, this.

And what better way to do it than to do in a poem form. Ahem.

Conflicted - with the feeling of joy yet at the same time, despair. 
Am I to be ashamed or not even try to care?

Day in, day out, it never seems to stop.
Each time I hear a new version I feel my heart drop.

It started off innocently with a letter or two.
"Ophilia" "Opelia" Ofelia" "Ohelia" well, what can I do?

But then people got creative and here's what makes me cry,
"Alifr"? "Offy"?? "Gchelia" ??? Oh My.

I guess I feel special to find misspellings of this magnitude,
It always makes me laugh when I'm in quite the mood.

What is next, I'm not sure if I want to know.
But what ever it is, you will be the first I'll show.

Because names that defy the English language lacking grammar, vowels, and sense,
Are the best and easiest for me to take offense.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why I believe in ocassional junk food

Yes, you read that correctly. I believe in junk food - where is my "I Love JF" badge? Although I suppose that could be mistaken for John F Kennedy or even Justin Fever...neither. I'm talking about Junk Food, homies!

I feel that it is very important to maintain a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, meat/poultry/fish, and carbs (I love carbs! That's my next badge idea...or maybe even a license plate...) but to completely cut sweets and slight junky snacks from my diet forever? Gasp. How I can I exist without dessert? (desSert not desert)

Here is one of my all time favorites: Ferrero Rocher

So pretty in its gold wrapping and classic packaging. It's like holding a tiny chocolate ball of memories. And they are so versatile too!

They are good to decorate yourself with.

Great to hide blemishes with.

Opening each is like a surprise - completely similar to the Willy Wonka experience. Minus the actual golden ticket...

And such a fantastic sleeping companion!

Healthy is good and yet snacking on chocolate/chips/cake is good too! Just in moderation =)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello February!

Oh my knee caps (??) it is already February 2012. I know exactly where January went. It went to Disneyland and said, "Screw you New Years Resolution Hypocrites!" Maybe a tad dramatic but whatever, let's welcome the new month with a new goal.

This month I have decided not to do any daily blogging because the main goal is to make healthier choices. This extends from diet to lifestyle, eating better (less sugar soon!) and sleeping earlier (ohmygoshit'salready11:30pm!) and exercising more. So far I've done pretty well since the middle of January but I want to go at this with full force this month. I will definitely give updates and share what experiences I have.

I will be honest and say that I won't be giving up all my junk food any time soon. I do not believe in diets and cutting certain foods completely out of my diet. Instead, I just want to control the amount of junk food and introduce more vegetables and fruits into my daily routine. Sugary desserts will be the most difficult to control. Get a grip, woman!

What are your new monthly goals?

Kiwi be friends?