Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is the month to be grateful

Happy first day of 2012! 

I'd like to welcome (the last thirty minutes of the day) you all with a quick bloggie update. First of all, thank you thank you for all your support on this blog. I honestly get excited when I sign onto my account because the first thing I would do is check to see how many views I received for that day.

The main reason why that is so exciting is because that is my best indicator for how I am doing here. Is it worthy for anyone to even click on?

I cannot deny how often I lose focus on things. I start things with much gusto, working tirelessly until I get results and once a hint of result, I proceed to get restless and then bored. Terrible cycle.

No longer, the new year is a great excuse for a new attempt at new goals. Olivia (and here) gave me a great idea and that is to create monthly attainable goals. So here's one for this month.

I am going to think of one thing that I am grateful for and I will share it every day this month. I may have done something similar to this in the past but here's a new attempt. =)

Jan 1: I am grateful for having the means to help others. It does not always have to involve money or wealth in general, it has to do with initiative. This is a movement inspired by my momma (who will appear in another post) but years and years ago she shared her stories of how she sponsored children back in Hong Kong. At one point in her life, she got to physically go to see how they were doing.

This act of kindness was one she wished for us to maintain so she helped us sponsor a child in need. This is the year I can take that responsibility on my own and insert my own contributions. 

I was reminded of what big differences little acts can make when I received my annual holiday card from World Vision this year.

It reminds me to stay grateful for all that I have. It reminds me that there is an actual life that is being affected by the money we donate. It reminds me to remember to say 'Thank You' to loved ones and finally, it reminds me to share my gratitude. 

Happy New Year!

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