Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of Gratitude

Day 31st! We made it! I cannot believe I managed 31 things I am grateful for, albiet some were sort of repeats/similar while some were tangible items while some were intangible feelings.

So dear blog and dear blog readers, I dedicate my last post of gratitude to you all. I know my little blog deserves little attention, some days sharing deep emotions and other days sharing different moustache stickers. And while I realize there are more important things in life, I cannot help but feel incredibly flattered that anyone takes time out of his/her day to come here. Thank you thank you.

I read back on some of my previous January entries and no matter how serious or silly they are, I feel happy. Happy that so many things make me happy. *weirdo

Sitting down to recollect your day, current emotions, thoughts and lessons, etc is very important to your mental well-being. It lets you release that tension and helps you move on. There have been times where I look back and think I could have handled a situation better if I had thought it through. Well, writing it down helps me resolve my true feelings and it helps me think through my emotions.

I tried to think back on my post from yesterday. Scattered thoughts = scattered post. I knew that while writing it but I could not piece it together enough to make it flow. I'm not trying to write a literary masterpiece - I'm trying to sort through and piece together my life while hopefully offering another view for others to consider.

Life is too short not to record. I can't risk sitting alone in my home with my sixteen cats while sowing my sad lonely blanket thinking where it all went wrong...that might be an exaggeration.

Maybe fifteen cats.

I thank you so much for reading this! I feel a great surge of joy when I see that someone has visited my blog. Thank you thank you, gracias, xie xie, doh je, danke, merci, arigato, twinkie. BTW did you know Twinkies manufacturers, Hostess have declared bankruptcy? But apparently will still continue production so fear not junk food lovers! Your cream filled box of calories will still be around.

Anyway, I love you all. Whether it's one person or ten people reading this, you are all a part my journey through life and I am so honored to have shared it with you.

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