Monday, January 9, 2012

Grrraaaatteeeffuuulll ffffoooorrrr cccooooffffeeee

Day 9: I am super duper uper grateful for coffee.

Granted I am not one of those addict that absolutely need her daily dose of black black black-as-the-color-black coffee before being able to function. is quite nice to accompany my day =D

I am a certified Coffee Fan, a day is instantly brighter with a cup of joe... although...I am picky. I like coffee, but I like sweetly-mixed, flavorful, frothy, creamy coffee. The kind of tasty coffee pro-coffee drinkers find offensive.

Starbucks is sort of my homeland. It's not really amazing quality coffee but the homey familiarity of the people, the menus, and the slouchy couches that my friends and I spent hours upon hours of mindless chatter - that's what brings me back.

I always stay within the same five drinks over and over again.

But I still love it! It's not much of an energy boost - more of a mood booster. And boost your mood, I shall!

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  1. you have the best pictures... don't know how you do it.