Monday, January 23, 2012

Gratuity posts it

January 23rd already! Oye vey! This gratuity series is quickly coming to an end and I am going to have to figure out what type of theme I want to progress with in February. Hmm...

Anyway, today I am grateful for the invention of Post-Its!

Anytime I am in a rush to remember something, I grab a sticky note and jot down simple reminders. 

Turn off heater before you leave, stupid.

I often add a bit of an insult at the end to really get the point through.

It's super helpful when I need to pinpoint a question or issue at work by utilizing color coordination capabilities, easy removal, and multiple reminders without damaging the original product. Genius!

I like to leave little notes around friends and family sometimes to remind them I am insulting/thinking of them. So yes, definitely a necessity on my desk!

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