Friday, January 13, 2012

Gratuity is moisturizing

Day 13, Friday the 13th... time I profess my love for lip balms.

Call me (please don't) crazy (I'm not) but I don't know if I can survive the harsh winter months without proper moisturization on my lippy lip lips. 

First mistake in Rookie Lip Moisturizing - licking your lips. In desperate times of dry crackling, most people tend to lick their lips. Noh! Keep that habit at bay! ...which really is not a phrase I understand. But the more you lick your lips, the more your lips will dry.

Second - Not staying hydrated. Drink your 8 glasses of water a day! I have a very difficult time trying to keep up with this but it indeed makes a difference! Water does wonders for the body, it is a necessity and don't you forget it!

Third - I love lip balm packaging! All different brands have different unique and interesting typography, graphics, and texture. A bit of a stupid, superficial reason but.... it's true so it's still valid.

Lip balm lovers unite!

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