Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gratuity is an art form

January 12 - Today I am grateful for art and creativity.

I'm not so creative but I definitely can partake in art and that is kind of what I love. Art is art in all forms. You don't have to be particularly life changing, or revolutionary with your creations but when you put effort into making anything - you put your own spin on it. You put your mark on that piece of art, own it!

I love drawing, I've always loved it - drawing myself as extremely disproportional princess figures while saving the world. A world that was always unusually sunny...and there always seemed to be that house on a hill with a chimney that has smoke coming out...who was starting a fire in their homes mid-afternoon???

I am so grateful for having an outlet for self-expression that is not so textbook. A means to share yourself with the world that is unique to you. Love it.

And because of this appreciation month, I am reminded of a lost past time so let me start again today. 

work in progress

not quite done, but have work tomorrow! I'll k.i.t.

Not sure why Woody became Latino here but I will post an update pic of this when I'm done! =D

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