Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gratuity in human strength

How often are we asked to be strong? How often is it physical and how often is it mental?

Hello, welcome to the continuation of my 31 days of gratuitous sharing. Day 7th - Today I want to share my awe (and gratitude) for human strength.

What type of strength is the first question you ask - which situations call for human strength? And why are you always reflecting on mankind?

Well first - I am amazed by how well people can adapt to different situations. At times tragic and unprecedented situations arise such as natural disasters, personal conflict, or even worse - loss of loved ones. But people are able to pick themselves up through the pain and can move on to live their lives.

Second - Any situations call for strength. Strength to understand, strength to accept and adapt, strength to learn from mistakes.

And third - because I wanna!

If you're curious, no - I did not just recently experience any life altering moments. I simply looked over to my newly purchased sweatshirt and instead of immediately noticing the iconic symbol for Marvel's Superman, I thought human super powers.

It's difficult for me to thank someone in particular for my personal strengths or anyone else's strengths. It is something we learn over time, it is something we gain from experience. But sometimes when the going gets tough, think of the strength you posses that lifts you. You can never sit too long waiting for help when help was inside of you the entire time.

I guess this goes with the previous few entries: LOVE YOURSELF!

And also, I am super strong. Muscley strong. Can't you tell?

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  1. whooo, five dollar sweatshirt!!!

    wait, what was this post about again?