Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gratuity in eternal youth

How many of you spent most of your childhood wanting to grow up?

You, you, AND you?! Me too!

We're stupid. 

Jan 8th - Today I am grateful to always have that kid in me. 

Today was our "Annual Park Day" where we gather with a small group of good friends and spend the greater half of the afternoon at the park playing any type of physical activity. As usual, we broke into even (or even-ish) teams and play endless games of Two-Touch Football.

As I ran frantically around the Blocker (aka Jimbaco or Oliviago) I realized how much I missed being outdoors. It's so nice to get some sunshine, run freely onto the open grass, and smell that (somewhat) fresh air. I missed this.

Back when we were still doing consistent training for competitions, we would head over the parks, schools, or even mountain trails to run special training programs. In addition to that, our family itself has always been quite active - running around, playing tennis every few weekends, and just going out to do...for a lack of a better word - stuff.

It gets harder, let's face it, life continues and your focus on priorities change. And while I definitely enjoy the other things in my life, I never want to lose this physical sense of freedom I feel when I run around screaming, "Don't move, don't move!" at the top of my lungs.

I, for one, will never grow up entirely. =)

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