Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gratuity heats up

January 14 - I loves me some fire!

No, I'm no pyromaniac. I am just looking at all the essentials in life and fire/warmth/heating just so happens to be one of those. 

Can you imagine how life use to be when cavemen gathered around a little fire whilst the strong windstorms beat down around their dwellings? Oye. 

Since studying architecture, interiors, mechanical systems, electrical - I have come to realize how much correspondence so many different created factors have to work to allow most of us to sit comfortably in our 72 degree homes. It is quite the process but if you're not interested, it is not exactly the fun Saturday activity to discuss.

I remember back in the days, aka my youth, living in our first modest home with two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and living room. The one somewhat unique character pop in our dainty space was our brick chimney. We used to start a slow fire and roast yams while playing board games and reading at our coffee table. It is such a faded memory with less than 30% of the moment still lingering BUT it will always be cherished.

I still dream of having this moment relived someday but for now I am still so grateful for the warmth around me. Grateful for being able to sleep without shivering (unless I accidentally kick my blankets off...this is why I burrito) and grateful for another essential in life. 

***Also, I know this series is a bit random with appreciation for things materialistic and almost silly to life essentials and emotional development...but this is how my mind works. Thanks for reading. 

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