Friday, January 6, 2012

Gratuity falters

Jan 6: What am I grateful for today? I looked around my room and then under my shoes and then in the microwave and then ... what?

Oh yes, today I am grateful for ... drum roll please... my flaws.

Why on earth would I value my "faults" or "flaws?"

Well friend, the truth of the matter is that no two people are completely identical in this world. The only things that make us individuals and what makes us unique and what makes us worth sharing is our "faults." 

Faults, to me, are just parts of you that are not part of the mass majority. Not everyone has it or not everyone is used to it so therefore most people consider it "weird," or "ugly." It's not.

Human nature encourages people to instantly reject the unfamiliar upon first exposure. Ick, that's not what I'm used to. And that attitude is what we call, CLOSE-MINDED. It is your goal not to be like that person.

I decided to embrace what I had previously called ugly, what I used to feel subconscious about, what I used to complain about and move on. It does no one good for you to hate what you were born with. 

This is what I have to work with.

Donkey Teeth

Forehead runway

Thigh Pies

But hey, I was born with these (except the teeth but what can I do?) and when life gives you lemons, you go to the store and buy apples instead.

Love who you are and love what you've got!

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