Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gratitude in choice

If you are unfamiliar with the Shaytards on Youtube, you maybe unaware of Shay Carl's favorite phrase, "Happiness is a choice."

I have now made it my daily mantra.

January 10th, my post today will share about how I choose to be happy.

I cannot say that I absolutely love my work, I like it a lot but there's a big difference between love and like. I love cake but I only like walking into that familiar office with a good cup of cooofffeeee while giggling with May.

In the midst of the weekly blues, there are often disagreements, arguments, mistakes, and general stress. The overwhelming unhappiness can be quite draining. And let's not only focus on work, in daily life there is a lot of grouchiness with gossiping, family/friend drama, relationship stress, and financial struggle. Life can be hard.

Which is why I choose to still smile through. Happiness IS a choice. I can choose to acknowledge negativity, learn from mistakes, and still end my day happy. 

I am grateful for my change in attitude, I am typically a sensitive person where every little thing gets to me and very easily ruins my day. Well, the start of 2012 says, "Noh!" Take that negativity somewhere else!

My new revelation excites me - makes me bouncy and free!

It makes me stronger.

It makes me proud.

So I say, you make this change too! Your life will be so much better when you decide for it to be better! Two thumbs up for 2012 positivity!

Er... three thumbs up... I tried.


  1. You should have tried 4 thumbs. It could work!!

    Nice jump

  2. hahaha ew, that actually does look like three thumbs.