Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grateful for walking in sunshine

I have never been so grateful for walking in sunshine, woooo, and don't it feel good!

Day 11 - let's be grateful for the sun accompanying us through our walks during lunch, late afternoon, and sunsets... aaaahhhh, it makes me feel comfy and cozy just thinking about it.

Lately, we have taken more initiative to go outside during our lunch hours to get away from the draining fluorescent lights, and I cannot stress how uplifting the outdoor air is mid-afternoon. 

Every time we step outside I feel suddenly chipper and more excited. Of course this extends outside of work, I get the same rush of joy when I pull myself off the couch to step on the familiar cracked pavement. And when I do go out, I am reminded that it is winter. Lawns all around us are gently littered with ever shedding tree leaves, the crisp air leaves a short-lived shock to our breaths, and I often find myself thinking, "was that house always there?"

This is an example of walking while having fun

And this is walking while someone else is having fun

Seeing these images confirm my suspicions that I am loving the walking in the sunning! So put down your pen/work and go outside for a quick refresher. A little fresh air does wonders!

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