Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grateful for my height. Or lack of...

January 26! It's almost Friday and then the weekend! Woot woooot...wait what am I doing? Oh yes, January 26, today I am grateful for my small sized body.

Yes yes, bring on the jokes! I know I am fun sized, compact, Small Fry, Petite Pony, Little Liar, Tiny Toon, Mini Tini, Shorty McPorty.

Ok, some/most of those nicknames are not real but I have had many different nicknames over the years based on my height and guess what? It doesn't bother me one bit. In fact, I am quite glad to be my size. 

Yes, it's odd. I know most people's dreams are to be thin, tall, and beautiful but let me tell you - I'm a small gal with big dreams. Hehehe

I used to be the second tallest girl in my class (back in 5th grade) and all the little boys would look up with jealousy. And then everyone else grew and started look down with pity. Mind you, (almost) 5'2" is not really as small as they come but I suppose it is still small enough to be considered short. 

Well, all petite gals unite! We will never allow our limited size to limit our abilities!\

Like my socks?

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