Monday, January 30, 2012

Grateful for heart-to-hearts

Late again, mate! 

January 29 - Today's whirlwind of activities reminded me that I am very grateful for heart-to-hearts, those who are fearless enough to share their personal quandaries and achievements.

We began the day with a small reunion of tkd members, sitting around in a circle, sharing our lives. It's odd to sit down with people you've grown with, those who you have spent so many years with but have never really had the opportunity to have a true heart-to-heart chat with. Today we had that opportunity and I must say I am touched.

It's not that I never take the time to stop and reflect on my life. I mean, look at this blog and its long life span (in internet terms of course) I could not justify spending so much time and energy sharing personal views and experiences on the internet where friends and family AND strangers could potentially read if this were not such a positive outlet for myself. I spend time sitting in front of my laptop thinking about my life, dissecting experiences, and formatting opinions from reflections. It's pretty much my personal therapy. 

But then take me out of my element and place me with people sitting in around me, awaiting to see if my thoughts could be shared coherently. They couldn't by the way.

My day was filled with a flurry of familiar faces but as I sit here trying to type a blog post to redeem my previous lame one, I realize that 1am is a terrible time to reflect and share.

So sorry, this series is going to end in a few days and I just want to say thank you for reading! I'm grateful for being able to always share my heart-to-heart with you all. =)

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