Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grateful for date nights

Ok, yes...I'm late on this post =( 

I was on a super roll with 19 days of consecutive blogging and I am officially late late today. Bugger! But it's okay because the reason I am late today is also the reason I have something to share today.

January 20 - I am grateful for having date nights.

If you are unfamiliar with my personal life, you may not know I have a boyfriend. 

You may not know that we've been together for quite a while.

1 month shy from 9 years now and would you believe we just barely started doing actual date nights until less than a year ago?

We're the type of people who love being with good friends and family, often times going out in groups of three to five. Time spent between just the two of us became more celebratory, ie. anniversaries, birthdays, personal achievements...

Then life changed. I graduated and started working and my prior routine changed - therefore time was made to hang out and suddenly we realized, hey! It's quite fun just to hang out as a couple.

I know most of you reading this will think we are ridiculous because most other couples have this experience in reverse. But hey, everyone is different.

Now every Friday night is dedicated to just hanging out and doing something fun as a couple. Some days it involves trying new restaurants, playing pool, bowling, window shopping and then days like today we take it easy with take out dinners and a movie.

Transformers 3 to be exact. Not bad, I actually liked it - I would like to have a Transformer car so that once traffic builds up, my super Bot would transform and just skip over it all. Frustrations be gone!

What was I saying again? Oh yes, I am late on my post but I am not regretful. =)

I am the type of person who learns from others. Not all the time every time, but I do truthfully take all advice and suggestions before deciding what to absorb. One thing many couples have attested the demise of their relationships to is not having enough time just to be together. It's easy to be distracted with life and your comfort level with each other may end up in accidental neglect. Don't forget appreciate who you love and show them! A simple hug or "thank you" makes a world of difference.

A nice cake wouldn't hurt either.

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