Saturday, January 28, 2012

Grateful for being thought of

Hi friends, the month is quickly ending. Have you enjoyed your first few weeks of 2012 yet? I have quite enjoyed this series, but more on that for my last post =)

Today I am grateful for all the acts of kindness and love given to me from loved ones. Actually it could be from loved family members to close friends to just acquaintances or maybe even complete strangers. These acts of kindness make everyone feel loved and today I felt the love, yo.

First off, I am late again. It is quite difficult to do these Friday posts in time because I am not able to get to my computer till way after midnight. I just got back a little bit ago and showered my dirt-astic self (no Orbit needed har-har)

I know, how can one person obtain THIS much beauty?

Anyway back to the point:

It was Friday and I had a tough day at work. It was a bit high stress (er...coworker's high stress) that leaked onto me. I try hard not to let others affect me but when it's constantly thrown it my face, it's a bit more difficult to avoid.

So after the long day, I was left with a throbbing headache and a feeling of dread that there would be incredible traffic to help end the night. ***Which there was terrible traffic and no I did not scream.

I came home to find this!

My two dear roommates (family/friends/frimily) had gone to Forever21 and found this high-larious and fun ring for me!

Oh the night suddenly feels more joyous when you remember that others remember you. I couldn't shake the headache but my frown definitely disappeared and I want to remind everyone to remind those you love that you love them! Just a simple act of kindness, be it a smile or opening the door for a complete stranger - you never know what it could do to someone's mood!

By the way, look what I can do with my new mustache ring!

All hail the weekend!

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