Thursday, December 15, 2011


There I was today. Minding my own business.

Clickity clackity-ing at work when suddenly, without warning, intense rain began to beat down onto our walls and booming thunder exploded in unison.

I looked over my shoulder in surprise but shrugged it off, crazy bursts of rain is not quite uncommon here.

Then came the hail and when I realized I couldn't turn my head around anymore without physically turning my body, I remembered that hail is not as common here.

In honor of the momentous ( lasted a minute?) hail, I decided to bless your eyes with a poem:

*try to imagine it as a song for better effect.

Hail, hail, you rhyme with Dale-

You surprise me without fail.

You woke the old man snoring,

You make the night a little less boring

But please, don't dent my car-

If you do, I won't get very far.

Hail, hail, you rhyme with Hail-

If I could catch you in a pail-

I'd run,

It'd be fun,

I'd skip,

I'd trip,

I'd fall,

I'd bawl,

You ain't always fun, hail.


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