Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey you, yes you.

You, sitting there amongst your collection of filth - be it lint, dust, and/or ...crap.

Get up! Get out! Grab that elusive vacuum cleaner, dust it off and give it a go!

There I was, trying to exercise inside my cozy room. I had graduated from arms to abs and was trying to slowly lift my body up through my poorly tightened so-called abs. I lowered my body and as I rose up again, I noticed glorious balls of hair.

They looked like those prickly things that fall from my tree. Except gross...and somewhat alive.

I couldn't stand it anymore! That was the last last lastest last straw! 

(Note the over usage of exclamation marks. This was serious!)

I rushed over to that forgotten niche in my kitchen and grabbed my broom - dustpan set. Oh, were they always blue?

Rushy rushing towards my room but had to slow down a bit as to not accidentally cause a wind storm that may lead to a hairball tornado.

After a bit of rearranging and lots of sweeping, I breathed a fresh air (almost literally) so I decided I needed to share because you can do it too! Make the effort, put down your games/books/Angry Birds/Pterodactyl and get to it, Mister/Lady!

This is my reminder to you that you need to take care of you first. Your environment affects you and your mood so stop reading this and find your duster.

You can thank me after you throw away all that crap. 

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