Thursday, December 29, 2011

After Holiday Sales

Ah, it is another time to look back at a time when life was as simple as creating a daily television routine - Tiny Toons, Magic School Bus, and other masterpieces.

***Mind you, this is not a life changing entry. It was just written for fun.

I used to hate having to make way through the endless lines of cars to be able to find that one elusive parking spot in between that one huge SUV and that other huge pick up truck. 

THEN we would walk into that overcrowded pool of sweaty body odor and have to wait in long lines of disgruntled mumbling.

Finally we get to stand close enough to the ever beeping registers and look up to see the familiar strained smiles of staff members. All the exchanges of well rehearsed holiday cheer is bearable but superficial.

Oh the silliness of the malls. I could never fully understand the point.

But now, my outlook has changed. The purpose is the same but truth is, the technique has changed.

The key is to arrive early, choose your paths wisely, and look for actual deals. Do not be fooled by the "10% Off!" signage - if regularly the item is $10.99, 2 for $20 is not that amazing.

And what better than after holiday sales? It's a sale on top of a sale, combinations be hold!

50% off the entire Bath & Body Works store

I suppose this post really serves no purpose other than to remind myself that outlooks change, in all aspects from the important life changing outlooks to something as simple as the local shopping center.

Kids grow up. And then they go to the mall for sales.

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