Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ring in the New Year

I have decided I need to take more initiative in contributing to my blog.

Life is too short! We need to record as much of my life as possible. If my day sucks, it's going to show up here...if a new discovery is made, it's going to show up here...if I write a blogpost, it's going to show up here...

I looked at my desk and saw this little guy. He seems to represent my current stance on blogger. Half visible yet half hidden.

No longer! 

I cherish all of you who deem me worthy enough to read. Gracias mis amigos. Let's all celebrate all that we've learned, experienced, and seen in the year 2011. 

2012 is a new journey - so tie those shoelaces and get ready to run.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

After Holiday Sales

Ah, it is another time to look back at a time when life was as simple as creating a daily television routine - Tiny Toons, Magic School Bus, and other masterpieces.

***Mind you, this is not a life changing entry. It was just written for fun.

I used to hate having to make way through the endless lines of cars to be able to find that one elusive parking spot in between that one huge SUV and that other huge pick up truck. 

THEN we would walk into that overcrowded pool of sweaty body odor and have to wait in long lines of disgruntled mumbling.

Finally we get to stand close enough to the ever beeping registers and look up to see the familiar strained smiles of staff members. All the exchanges of well rehearsed holiday cheer is bearable but superficial.

Oh the silliness of the malls. I could never fully understand the point.

But now, my outlook has changed. The purpose is the same but truth is, the technique has changed.

The key is to arrive early, choose your paths wisely, and look for actual deals. Do not be fooled by the "10% Off!" signage - if regularly the item is $10.99, 2 for $20 is not that amazing.

And what better than after holiday sales? It's a sale on top of a sale, combinations be hold!

50% off the entire Bath & Body Works store

I suppose this post really serves no purpose other than to remind myself that outlooks change, in all aspects from the important life changing outlooks to something as simple as the local shopping center.

Kids grow up. And then they go to the mall for sales.

Monday, December 26, 2011

After the holidays...

Post holiday guilt. Yep, feels like Christmas just passed.

Did everyone have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones? I surely did, and I have the swollen belly to prove it!

I look around at the bundle of forgotten bags, bows, and wrapping paper. Oh the joys of intense unwrapping. And I do mean intense.

Tis the season to share lovely stories of gratitude, show off gift wrapping skills/apologize for having poor wrapping skills, and to eat eat eat.

Do any of you have a great holiday potluck dish? 

For many years we rotated between mashed potatoes, bakery bought desserts, and some sort of baked chicken dish. This year, I found a great recipe from a generous coworker and decided it would be best to share with all of you!

Simple, delicious, and crowd pleasing - enjoy!

Bean Dip

Rosarita Beans
1 pack Taco Seasoning
Sour Cream
Shredded Cheese (Mexican Mix)

Buy a bag of tortilla chips and serve with a smile =)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Hey you, yes you.

You, sitting there amongst your collection of filth - be it lint, dust, and/or ...crap.

Get up! Get out! Grab that elusive vacuum cleaner, dust it off and give it a go!

There I was, trying to exercise inside my cozy room. I had graduated from arms to abs and was trying to slowly lift my body up through my poorly tightened so-called abs. I lowered my body and as I rose up again, I noticed glorious balls of hair.

They looked like those prickly things that fall from my tree. Except gross...and somewhat alive.

I couldn't stand it anymore! That was the last last lastest last straw! 

(Note the over usage of exclamation marks. This was serious!)

I rushed over to that forgotten niche in my kitchen and grabbed my broom - dustpan set. Oh, were they always blue?

Rushy rushing towards my room but had to slow down a bit as to not accidentally cause a wind storm that may lead to a hairball tornado.

After a bit of rearranging and lots of sweeping, I breathed a fresh air (almost literally) so I decided I needed to share because you can do it too! Make the effort, put down your games/books/Angry Birds/Pterodactyl and get to it, Mister/Lady!

This is my reminder to you that you need to take care of you first. Your environment affects you and your mood so stop reading this and find your duster.

You can thank me after you throw away all that crap. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


There I was today. Minding my own business.

Clickity clackity-ing at work when suddenly, without warning, intense rain began to beat down onto our walls and booming thunder exploded in unison.

I looked over my shoulder in surprise but shrugged it off, crazy bursts of rain is not quite uncommon here.

Then came the hail and when I realized I couldn't turn my head around anymore without physically turning my body, I remembered that hail is not as common here.

In honor of the momentous ( lasted a minute?) hail, I decided to bless your eyes with a poem:

*try to imagine it as a song for better effect.

Hail, hail, you rhyme with Dale-

You surprise me without fail.

You woke the old man snoring,

You make the night a little less boring

But please, don't dent my car-

If you do, I won't get very far.

Hail, hail, you rhyme with Hail-

If I could catch you in a pail-

I'd run,

It'd be fun,

I'd skip,

I'd trip,

I'd fall,

I'd bawl,

You ain't always fun, hail.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday cards

It seems a bit old fashioned, but many families still indulge in the ever-so-familiar Christmas cards. Adorable or lame?


I never really considered making Christmas cards until Jeando came home with this one day

Oh my adorable Santa!

We couldn't pass this opportunity up so our little LB household decided to participate with a digital version.

Option 1

Option 2

Better version of Option 2

After much debate, this was the winner:

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh Fall

What does Fall mean to you?

I believe Winter is upon us (if not already based on the low 40 degree temperatures) and it is time to dedicate our ode to Fall. And basically thank it for its unexplained abandonment in our time of need for moderate temperatures.

So what does Fall mean to me?

Well, I opened the door and saw this.

Fall apparently means fallen leaves. Damn it.

Oh my holy hidden lawn.

The leaves are such a nuisance but oh so beautiful. I know I've already mentioned it before with the variety of warm colors but the carpet of fallen leaves are so beautiful, you cannot stop admiring.

Thank you Fall for your beautiful accents. I will see you next year.

I'm quite excited for Christmas now. =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Need a "What The?" Moment?

This display is sitting in our house.

Why? I cannot explain. I did not rob a Starbucks if you're wondering.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Change is good.

Advancing forward is improvement.

New breaths of air is refreshing.

Neglect is close-minded.

Mistakes are purposeful to provide a platform for learning.

Death is to be mourned and yet new life is always expected to follow.

To restart is to have to courage to address mistakes. 

Courage to step into the unfamiliar is reason enough to take that plunge.

Change is good if change is accepted. Accept your achievements and your mistake, they have blended together to create you.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A bit of wind

If you have not been informed about the crazy windstorm that hit through Los Angeles recently, you may unaware that a lot of our neighborhoods look like this:

(images found on Google)

Ahhh to the unexpected!

With winds picking up speed from 60-80mph, our little cities were completely unprepared for what would come after. Many trees have been uprooted and have fallen, much property has been damaged...but luckily I haven't heard any news of casualties so I hope it stays that way.

Tough to predict Mother Nature but always think smart and stay safe! Don't go outside just to see/feel how windy it really is! (stupid Jimmy)

In other news, I chose not to bring my Macbook home with me for this weekend so I'm sitting here using my good old (stressing old as my "p", Ctrl, Alt, and left arrow aren't working) Dell laptop. I started to glance back at the old pictures I had taken in the past and found these beauties.


These were dated 2009 and in the past three years...

we're still the same