Monday, November 21, 2011

The Weekend Away (Part I)

Hola humans who can read.

We spent a weekend in Palm Springs and yowza the world is quite open there. Everywhere you turn there are glorious royal mountains of majesty. And the air seemed cleaner there. And yes, there were a lot of elderly who all could probably golf circles around me.

We woke up on an early groggy (cloudy) Saturday morning and began to make our way down the I-10 freeway. The sun began to shine through the thick clouds and slowly the gloom was pushed aside. As we got closer and closer to ...actually emptiness, we found ourselves driving alongside huge gorgeous mountains AND lots of tall white wind turbines! (hehe)

I have never been to Palm Springs but it really has that dated feel, very reminiscent of the 1920's. And aww crap I had not remembered that Richard Neutra's Kaufmann Desert House was there. Next time!

The high speed roadways served no help while trying to locate my surprise for the Bozo's birthday. Finally after a simple lunch we arrived at our destination, European Experience Spa & Massage. I had reserved (with Fro's help) a couple's massage for said boyfriend's birthday and ironically we were split into two separate rooms. Whoops to the "couples" part of this massage.

We ended up with a Swedish massage and it was surprisingly satisfying yet not intense. 

Next came a relaxing soak and then followed with a delicious dinner of "epic" proportions. Side note: Epic is and never will be my word of choice.

We spent about an hour or two at the outlets and zoomed (carefully) back to a delicious lunch of fries and football.

This entry was not as exciting as I had hoped but I guess the best parts are imprinted in my brain. Life should always be this way.

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