Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat,
Smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat.

If you don't-
I don't care,
I will pull your underwear!

*Giggles nonstop*

Kids are weirdies. Mind you, weirdies that have absorbed enough weird from their parents to exude that much weird.

Happy belated Halloween!

Hope everyone was safe and sound this "holiday" though I'm sure most have blurry memories and have already forgotten what happened. I saw you on the late night breaking news.

Anyway! Today was a great cooking day as dinner featured homemade burgers, onion rings, and salad.

uniformity is key

We could not have a calorie friendly burger without a freshly tossed salad.

And not-so calorie friendly onion rings that were mm mm good!

Did I mention the sauteed mushrooms?

The food placement is an art.



Half an hour later....

I am now doing a workout (on my schedule but guilt-driven as well) and I realized something important....

You haven't been Ophe'd in a while.

You're welcome! 

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