Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our trip up north always ends sooner than expected. We get here, we eat/sleep/eat some more, and then it's time to go. 

There are always random photo ops in my family - you see a camera and you pose. There's no shy guy, girl I mean.

We did not have enough time to indulge in anything intensive today but we did manage to sneak in a few pose-y moments. I do enjoy the serious photography - not that I can really do it well - but the silly ones are the most enjoyable ones.

can you spot the Olivia?

there she is!

Here comes the sequence of photos where my dad got an idea for a picture moment but did not explain it prior to engaging.


And then one with our cousin

After lunch we headed to Olivia's apartment to play some PS3 

And I found the chance to update this blog. 

Eep, must prepare for the long drive back. See you tomorrow!

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