Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 - Tuesday

Is it really only Tuesday? Hold on, let me check.

Ok, yeah it IS only Tuesday. Sighhh

Every time I am notified that Day Light Savings is coming to an end, I am always extremely excited to get that extra hour of sleep, lounging, and lazing. But I forget the earlier sunsets, cold harsh weather, and worst of all - static.

I felt like today went on forever, I went outside a few times during the day and was still shocked to see so much time left over in the midst of my Revit marathons.

Let's focus on the good of winter -

Hot drinks to warm our empty tummies.
Staying home and eating eating eating.
Heavy coats and pretty boots.
Being able to have smoke-like water vapor exhaling out of our mouths when we tell stories outside.
Sleeping in feels amazing.
Less bugs.

And best of all?

The word "Winter" has the word "WIN" in it!

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