Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 - Mondays

I wonder why Mondays are universally hated. No wait, there's nothing to wonder. Mondays suck because they mean the weekend is over.

I woke up as a popsicle today and rolled left and right while hitting the snooze button far too many times. Icy mornings are the worst! But the hot and toast morning coffee/tea/milk/cocoa is always the best - just enough to burn your tongue and enough to get you in the mood to do more than moan and groan about it being Monday.

Ok, Monday rant is over (for this paragraph) and onto work related news! 

What? Too boring? Ok, let's move on.

I'm all sorts of weird as I returned home after an extended day - so now tucked away in my warm bed with the heater turned on slightly, I ponder the joys of having a lovely cup of evening tea.

I indulged myself in a mixture of Google searching and heavy Photoshopping for most of my day (not my first choice of shopping.) And once I realized I started to try to zoom, copy, and crop things in my Outlook Inbox, I decided it was time to call it quits for the day.

I suppose at this point you realize I do not have much insight to share today or any collection thoughts. Just one of those days when exhaustion brings your muddled thoughts into a state of mush. It's ok, I allow myself to be this way on Mondays. 

Hmm, that cup of tea sounds really enticing right now.

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