Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6 - One step forward

There are some days when I feel a heavier post coming, ie. more heartfelt or seriously discussed, and apparently today is going to be the day.

I read a small article from this month's Cosmo where a wise business woman gave her advice on succeeding, or rather not being forgotten, in the work force.

Interesting topic because her main point made was stressing that women tend to try to please everyone and in turn could be easily deemed overlooked. She said there was a difference from "being liked and being respected."

I was a bit surprised by the bolded title but as I read the short but concise paragraphs, I realized how valid her point was - we do overcompensate and sacrifice ourselves to make others happy and at the end of the day are often disappointed in what is being returned.

Truth. People do not focus on the meek and timid. The kind but average Jane who sits there working (work OR school) because they seem content and pleased with their current situation. The ones who are more aggressive make the louder statements and will receive attention first.

No, the point is not to run a muck and clap your hands while screaming at the top of your lungs for attention. The point is to be professional, be direct, and ask for what you deserve. Men, on average, make three to four times more than women do in the work force. An unsettling ratio but let's face facts - we women know this and we still sit there waiting for our hard work to be noticed.

Well, the heads of your department may see but they also may not. Sitting there like a helpless damsel in distress is almost synonymous to the many actors working in restaurants, waiting for their big break. It happens but it doesn't happen that often.

Can these words really push me to do anything differently? I don't think I'm going to march into any of the big P's offices and demand a raise or I walk (obviously they'll tell me to enjoy my walk) but I do want to make sure I make my voice heard. I am not an advocate of the 'Look at me! Look at what I did' attitude but I will surely not sit still if I am looked over. 

As I finish this post, I have come to realize something. 

I may not be the smartest person. I may not be the most mature or most experienced in life. But what I can say is that I can take advice. I learn through others and I learn through myself. I spent a lot of my life looking back with regret that if I had just listened to So-and-so I would have been better off in this situation and that situation. But all those lost opportunities help prepare me for future ones. 

Heed my warning - Advice comes from all ends of the earth and it is what you absorb and how you execute that makes the difference. Success has many interpretations. But I believe the one school of thought we can all agree on is that Success does not parallel to Regret.

Don't regret not doing something. I suppose looking back on life, it was better to have tried to do more than to sit back and not try at all. 

It's 1:45am and I may update my Sunday later with lighter details of my day so for now - good night. Sleep tight. And don't let your toothbrush and toothpaste fight. (HI YUA!)

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