Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 4 - Hi Friday!

Hello! No, I did not forget to update today but other things definitely came up and took a bit more priority. Don't worry, I still loves ya. 


Anywhoohoo, today was a much better day than yesterday's as the moral was higher, jokes were funnier, smiles were more authentic looking. All in all, peaceful.

Off topic now, I have this thing against girly girls. 

No, not that I hate you if you're girly. Be as frilly and fluffy as you wish. But where it gets to the terrible part is when girls pull this helpless damsel stuff.

The truth is, helpless is different from hopeless. But often the two interchange upon malpractice.

I used to be in this group of students from my class and together we had to create a project to submit for our course grade. This project was very hands on and required heavy lifting, transportation, building, and contributions from all ends. One of the girls looked down at our materials and said, (and I quote!) "Oh my gosh, that's too heavy. Just let the boys do it."

I couldn't find anything of appropriate size to throw at her.

Yes, sometimes it's nice to have someone help you. Sometimes it's nice to help others. But do not be one of those girls! Women, we need to step up and do our part. Strength may not exist in every one of our bulging biceps but it's in our hearts and souls. We should know when to exercise what.

If the moment of need is upon you, helpless is not an insult. Seek help, heal/learn, grow.

Giving up way before the finish line? Hopeless. 

Hopeless do not get cookies!

*This was not an occurrence from my day, rather an unburied memory resurfacing.

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