Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 27- Sunday

Oh when the stupid get older.

What? Oh what I meant is, Happy Birthday to my dearest youngest sister - Odona and my dearest other half - Jimmy! (Also Happy bday to Jimmy's dad and Bruce Lee and all others who happened to be born today)

I believe it is customary to say: 'Another year older, another year wiser' but in this case...

If you are unfamiliar with either of the stars of my blogpost, let me introduce you to the insanity.

This is Odona. She is my sister and has been for the last twenty years.

Odona has always been a rather unique individual. She is able to laugh at everything and create a comforting environment for others to enjoy.

She is all levels of weird with many unexplainable talents, many of which cannot be repeated to have the same impact. Such talents include: 

1. Rapping Target shopping lists 
2. Sleeping endless hours through the day/night/eclipse/elipse
3. Forming sentences that seem to create a story but will confuse the readers entirely before making sense
4. Having hair that awakes before she does
5. Being able to retain inexorable amounts of movie, television, and any other IMDB-related information

There's so much more but my brain hurts trying to think of it all. In any case, she is my lovely little Dingo-dango-bimbo-bat. And I wish her a wonderful birthday!

Next up is Jimmy, he is my boyfriend of 8 years.

Jimmy has this effect on others. They are either smiling, laughing, or crying from laughing too hard. He is the best role model and mentor for all those who seek to be a better person.

He is also crude, bimbo-y, and particular on his interests. Here are few fun facts:

1. The 80's were never over
2. Jimmy's middle name is either Ngan or PlayStation3
3. Food goes straight through him (very similar to the Olivia specimen)
4. He is the accountant who cannot always count
5. Meep

Despite any oddities that have been mentioned, these are two very important people in my life who I love and laugh with/at - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONGO BRAINS!

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