Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24- Thanksgiving!

Here I am sitting on an extremely aged couch in my grandmother's extremely dated home watching a good game of football after eating an expected Thanksgiving lunch of dim. 

Of couse I say all of this with affection as I did grow up spending countless turkey holidays here with the same terrible central heating and same overusage of portable plug-in heaters. 

I walked in last night only to be greeted with the familiar white board ready for my disturbance. Oh the joys of tradition.

There are a ton of childhood memories that resurface whenever I revisit family traditions. Some that were  loved and still beloved, most that were not appreciated and now extremely grateful for.

I know it's tough but try to see what efforts your families go through to make holidays still special every year. In some cases, repetition is good. 

On a quick side note, I got to come home earlier yesterday - due to the excitement of a promising holiday's long weekend beckoning us to quickly shut down our computers at 1pm - so I was able to come home whilst the sun was still shining. I was almost shocked to come home to find that our tree had exchanged its cloak of green for a brand new blend (ombre!) of reds, oranges, and yellows.

How often can you gasp at the familiar?

I want to wish everyone a wonderfully delicious and comfortable Thanksgiving. Spend it with friends or family or whoever you wish to spend it with but make sure you remind yourself what in life you are grateful for. 

It is only worth living when you know what you are living for.

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