Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15- Tuesday

Oh this makes me so happy.

Howdy everyone! I am glad that my creative title streak is still going, how was your day?

What to talk about today? Hm... I honestly cannot remember what I used to write in my diary every few days. I recall complaining about people in my day, random musings, and daily events. 

I also remember constantly apologizing to my diary for not writing more often. I would always sign the pages with "<3 always, Ophelia" 


Who did I think was going to read that????

In other news, it's almost Thanksgiving! Oh what? We already discussed that last post? Ok, let's move on.

I attended a tae kwon do test on Sunday as a judge and I realized how much the students have grown throughout the years in their technique, attitude/spirit, and mental strength. Some I had taught for only a few months, some I have taught for a few years. Despite the length of time, it is so gratifying to see an adolescent youth grow into a strong young adult.

I suppose the hours of trying to combat the bratty attitude is worth it.

Worst/best thing is that most times these people do not remember all that you do. All those hours spent trying to teach them discipline, morality, and techniques are not remembered as they grow and grow. Life is like this. You can touch (not literally) many many lives without knowing it and through the course of time, you can (literally) change someone's life. 

Now, the unfortunate part of this is that often times we reject authority and despise boundaries but look how they have shaped us. Think of anyone in your past who might have played this role and you may not have even thought to thank. 

Will the five year old kids remember me teaching them why showing respect is important at age 15? Probably not. I know though. And I think most of the people who have taught me know. I wish I could remember them all and thank them all because footprints left may be forever imprinted.

Thank you to everyone for shaping me to be who I am today! Thank you and please thank those who have spent time mentoring you. 

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