Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14 - Monday

I just remembered. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away!

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that our family cherishes because we take a road trip about 350 miles up north to see family. 

Our road trip usually consists of:

Endless replaying of our Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and random Chinese cds.

Dusting off our forgotten thick ski jackets.

Arriving to a late night meal and then heading off to bed too quickly.

Seeing family from mi madre's side.

Dim sum at Restaurant A.

Dinner at Restaurant A.

Next day lunch at Restaurant B. (unless the parking lot is too full, in which case we would head over to Restaurant A.)

Shopping at some sort of mall or outlet.

Leaving with items that were easily attainable back home.

Possible hair cuts.

A walk to the nearby park where basketball/tennis/running/loitering will commence.

Going out of the way to purposely step on crunchy autumn leaves.

Sleeping in an uncomfortable slumpy bed with the heater on the setting-  HIGHER THAN HIGH.

Piano playing. Poorly at most times.

Leaving while wondering how quickly the long weekend went by.

Do you have any family holiday traditions? 

(Yua, you don't need to answer that but I know that being the punk you are - you probably would have if I didn't write this extended message)

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  1. I actually wouldn't have commented, but because you wrote that I guess I'll have to.

    Our family tradition is to pluck Dad's white hairs and see Mom and Aunt Sandy come back with matching haircuts.