Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10- Thursday

Were there presidential candidate elections? What's the update on the 99% movement? Modern Warfare is on its third series already?

There are many more snippets of real life that I, a typical adult from this generation, am just unconnected to. (Never end a sentence with a preposition! It's my blog and I'll do what I want! TO! FROM! AFTER!)

I feel that much of today's generation is generally numb to any social events outside of their bubble. It takes strings of connective tissue (vitamin C strengthens connective tissue) to link a youth to a presidential debate - albeit history class or political science should not count as they require mandatory participation as an indication that you tried to care.

The simple matter of the fact is that the youth does not always care. Of course there are the smaller crowds of teens that are actively involved in social issues but the truth is that the rest of the population stay focused on personal matters, school, Kim Kardashian, and crackle nail polish.

I do feel that I need to step outside of my laze and seek worldly knowledge. I cannot seem to find much motivation to truly scour the internet for updates on Libya since Gaddafi's regime/tyranny has ended, or how Greece's economic crisis is pulling through, or even how much Japan has exceeded any expectations in how they rebuilt their country post tsunami.

I only gain small bits of knowledge through the slight bit of social media that I am attached to- Youtube, Twitter, Facebook. Sad or not, these are means of sharing nowadays where one's findings or musings shed light to a vast audience. 

You know what? No matter where you find out about the news (not stupid news like alleged Bieber babies) - the simple act of seeking is still a step towards the right direction. I'm not one of those gifted people who just have a wealth of knowledge or a gift of retaining facts and snippets. I hear, learn, and forget. But I do believe the true lessons of life will always bury itself into my brain somewhere.

Knowledge is powerful! 

Butterflies are not.

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