Thursday, November 3, 2011

Craptastic Day 3

Hello Thursday, how could you be so cruel to me?

Sighhh to a shitty day with nonsense and long hours. My bed has never looked more comfortable.

But anyway, I do not want to bring this negativity home with me throughout the night so let's move on to something happier!

I cannot believe I never knew about this website called Ebates. I just signed up yesterday and already got $5 in my cart to start with. You basically go through their site to online retail shops, buy something, and get a certain percentage cash back. 

For example, you go to and click Target. It will direct you to the Target site but you have to go through them so they can track your purchase. 

Buy something for let's say $20 and you can get 3% cash back : $20 x 0.03% = $0.60 in your cart. 

Buy buy buy and eventually it adds up! Why wouldn't you want to make money?

I am a genius.

...For sharing this. Heheh.

In other news, I have weened off coffee. Though I have at least half a cup every few days, it is not a necessity to keep me awake but more like a pick-me-up when I'm tired or trying to relax.

Ok, today was a bit much for me to think of anything else. It's so difficult for me not to let something little (or much bigger than little today) bother me for the entire day. Something to work on. Hope you all had a better day than I did! 


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