Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 30- Wednesday is the last day of Nov

Oh my holy moly roly poly! We are upon the last day of November already!

Well, I suppose my daily blogging here does not make this fact as surprising.

How is everyone today on the last day of this month? It's hump day. I know, exciting...

Enough of this false talk! Let's get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the topic that is on all of our minds!

How many ways can you tie a scarf? 

Hehe ok, really now... 

Pst - check out Wendy's Look Book for inspiration btw.

Since this is the end of the month, I believe it would be fitting to give you a downdate (opposite of update) of what has happened!

Spent some time in Palm Springs for the first time.

Two good friends of Jimmy's (and mine) got married.

Judged a black belt test.

Thanksgiving spent up north with the other side of the family.

Ate too much and not regretting it.

Black Friday shopping with the family, fun and tiring and worth it.

Two of the most important people in my life celebrated their birthdays. One twenty, one thirty.

Remembering what value this blog is to me.

Thanks for reading.

Oh by the hey hey, I have made a decision about my daily blogging this month. I realize that forcing myself to blog when the creative juices are not flowing is quite tiresome to write and to read. It would be best to write when I want to write.

But but but - my biweekly posts will not suffice as it did in the past. I promise to write more often and try to create more quality updates. 

I can't promise every post will be thoughtful, imaginative, and inspiring but I am always honest about who I am and what I believe. And I suppose, that's all I can offer.

I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam - I'm Popeye the sailor man.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 29- Tuesday


I use to know what you meant.

For a long time in my life I was very active. Every weekend was filled with activities, every other day after school, every time there was something physical that needed to be done - I would do. I used to go to tae kwon do practice for approx two hours three times a week and then teach for a total of about 6-14 hours a week. Then I'd do weekend activities like tennis, hiking, biking, triking, godzillaing, spying, trying, sliding, trapezing... Oye!

Nowadays? I come home too tired to want to even stand longer than ten minutes.

I need to get back into it! Help!

I'm losing weight which sounds nice but I think what I'm really losing is muscle. Ahhh! I'm going to hop around for a few minutes now. 


Thank Gosh Tuesday Is Over, Stupid Tuesday!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28- Monday

Monday after the holidays? Oh holy-this-sucks-quite-a-bit.

I'm sitting here with a bit of doubt and dismay over my holiday potbelly from the holiday potlucks. I think I need to work out more often to make sure my body doesn't hate me so much. 

I decided to indulge in a mud mask to refresh my skinny skin skin.

After approximately three minutes of burning, I decided to wash it off and ta-da!

Most excitement for the day. 

BTW Cyber Monday is terrible for my wallet.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 27- Sunday

Oh when the stupid get older.

What? Oh what I meant is, Happy Birthday to my dearest youngest sister - Odona and my dearest other half - Jimmy! (Also Happy bday to Jimmy's dad and Bruce Lee and all others who happened to be born today)

I believe it is customary to say: 'Another year older, another year wiser' but in this case...

If you are unfamiliar with either of the stars of my blogpost, let me introduce you to the insanity.

This is Odona. She is my sister and has been for the last twenty years.

Odona has always been a rather unique individual. She is able to laugh at everything and create a comforting environment for others to enjoy.

She is all levels of weird with many unexplainable talents, many of which cannot be repeated to have the same impact. Such talents include: 

1. Rapping Target shopping lists 
2. Sleeping endless hours through the day/night/eclipse/elipse
3. Forming sentences that seem to create a story but will confuse the readers entirely before making sense
4. Having hair that awakes before she does
5. Being able to retain inexorable amounts of movie, television, and any other IMDB-related information

There's so much more but my brain hurts trying to think of it all. In any case, she is my lovely little Dingo-dango-bimbo-bat. And I wish her a wonderful birthday!

Next up is Jimmy, he is my boyfriend of 8 years.

Jimmy has this effect on others. They are either smiling, laughing, or crying from laughing too hard. He is the best role model and mentor for all those who seek to be a better person.

He is also crude, bimbo-y, and particular on his interests. Here are few fun facts:

1. The 80's were never over
2. Jimmy's middle name is either Ngan or PlayStation3
3. Food goes straight through him (very similar to the Olivia specimen)
4. He is the accountant who cannot always count
5. Meep

Despite any oddities that have been mentioned, these are two very important people in my life who I love and laugh with/at - HAPPY BIRTHDAY BONGO BRAINS!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our trip up north always ends sooner than expected. We get here, we eat/sleep/eat some more, and then it's time to go. 

There are always random photo ops in my family - you see a camera and you pose. There's no shy guy, girl I mean.

We did not have enough time to indulge in anything intensive today but we did manage to sneak in a few pose-y moments. I do enjoy the serious photography - not that I can really do it well - but the silly ones are the most enjoyable ones.

can you spot the Olivia?

there she is!

Here comes the sequence of photos where my dad got an idea for a picture moment but did not explain it prior to engaging.


And then one with our cousin

After lunch we headed to Olivia's apartment to play some PS3 

And I found the chance to update this blog. 

Eep, must prepare for the long drive back. See you tomorrow!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25- Friday

Warning: This update will be quite boring.

We all know what the Friday after Thanksgiving means!

...It means Thanksgiving. Duh.

But also it means insane lines, overzealous crowds, aggressive drivers, cars stalking passerbys in the parking lots, amazing markdowns, and... need I say more?

Our family decided to brave the crowds and spend a day at the local outlets during this Black Friday. Holy moly, I already knew I hated crowds but oh my.

I have been thinking about whether or not to continue this daily update after the month of November and I have to say that it has been so difficult on certain days to think of something to write, ie. today, when there really isn't anything worthwhile to update. Eep.

I bought new sunglasses today and I think I'm going to try to make a music video.

Tomorrow is going to be quite chill and then back on the road to go home! I hope everyone is recovering from the holiday meals and if you were out and about finding deals, I hope you found them!

My advice for shopping? EBATES! It's free to sign up and you automatically get $5! Ok, good luck and good night!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24- Thanksgiving!

Here I am sitting on an extremely aged couch in my grandmother's extremely dated home watching a good game of football after eating an expected Thanksgiving lunch of dim. 

Of couse I say all of this with affection as I did grow up spending countless turkey holidays here with the same terrible central heating and same overusage of portable plug-in heaters. 

I walked in last night only to be greeted with the familiar white board ready for my disturbance. Oh the joys of tradition.

There are a ton of childhood memories that resurface whenever I revisit family traditions. Some that were  loved and still beloved, most that were not appreciated and now extremely grateful for.

I know it's tough but try to see what efforts your families go through to make holidays still special every year. In some cases, repetition is good. 

On a quick side note, I got to come home earlier yesterday - due to the excitement of a promising holiday's long weekend beckoning us to quickly shut down our computers at 1pm - so I was able to come home whilst the sun was still shining. I was almost shocked to come home to find that our tree had exchanged its cloak of green for a brand new blend (ombre!) of reds, oranges, and yellows.

How often can you gasp at the familiar?

I want to wish everyone a wonderfully delicious and comfortable Thanksgiving. Spend it with friends or family or whoever you wish to spend it with but make sure you remind yourself what in life you are grateful for. 

It is only worth living when you know what you are living for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23- Wednesday

All aboard! 

Next car goes to: San Jose, California.

Be sure to have your passports and bribe money!

Wait, what? I just sat through an hour and a half of traffic only to come home in preparation for another six to seven hours on the road. 

Eep! But I am definitely excited to spend the holidays with my family up north so I'll try to update more with pictures tomorrow!

And remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving: 

First you "gobble gobble" and then your body will "bobble bobble." 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 22- Tuesday

It's almost Thanksgiving! Did you make your list of things you are thankful for? Ok, here's my rough draft list:

I am thankful for (obviously wonderful family and friends of course but this list is meant to be more for fun) -

Central heating!
I cannot stand the cold and I cannot stand it without some sort of protection. I like a nice toasty 78 degrees to wake up to. 

Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
I have to wash my hair at least once a month and when I do I need something to protect my hair from the harsh heat of my blow dryer. I usually spray this lovely product on in many directions and my strands are not left dry and frizzy afterward.

Neo-To-Go Spray
I am not the most accident prone but when I do become Clumsy Sue I like to have an easy to use product with little fuss and effective results.

Fast internet
Waiting thirty seconds to fully load a page is ridiculous in this time and age!

Dry Shampoo
This helps my hair elongate its faux cleanliness. But the brand matters. Super cheap? No good. Expensive? No good. We're looking at the mid-price range ... *pst Umberto from Target

Ballpoint pens
I think these work best for my insane writing.

These caterpillars won't pluck themselves! Though if they did it would be very...odd...

Spell Check
For all the times I accidentally do thsi

Endless hours of fun

I am thankful for all of you who read this blog! You encourage me to continue on expressing my lame self and documenting my life has helped me grow (mentally/emotionally, not physically) so GRACIAS!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21- Monday

Bomb threats? Burned buildings? Rampaging crowds?

Oye the world is at a weird place.

Back to my little world- look how I messed up my stupid mustache nail!!!! Guess which one was done with my left hand.

The stupid one looks like an oil spill. Or a dumbo octo-jellyfish. I took it off shortly.

I am having a difficult time following up with the blog these past few days. Perhaps it's the fact that we are sitting on the edge of the grand family holidays. Eep! I need to do some xmas shopping asap! 

Ok...I think I'll try to update more tomorrow...please stay with me while I fight through this slack!