Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An update

It's 11:29pm on a typical Wednesday night and I'm sitting here uninspired.

Hello empty blog, how are you doing?

I neglect to write here often because I'm usually all over the place with other social media sites...not that I mean to leave you, blog! You're still my number one! Forever? Foreva eva!?

Anyway, I do better when I have some sort of inspiration or motivation to share/critique/discuss but today's an empty attempt so here's my recap of what is going on lately--

An update on my life. 
By Ophelia N.

I am now a full time employee at an architecture firm where I work on both retail and restaurant projects. 

I like my job and the people and the working atmosphere. My bosses shoot nerf guns at each other.

I carpool with one of my good friends and not only do we share a parking card but we share a lot of laughs.

I am not the shortest person in the office.

I don't exercise anymore. It's disgraceful.

I have bangs now. And no volume. On most days it's a disaster.

I watched Zombieland and liked it a lot but did not love it.

I just painted my nails but I'm sure I'll somehow ruin them by tomorrow morning.

I have a lot of makeup but don't have the motivation to ever stop collecting.

I have come to accept that my eyebrows will never match.

Jimmy and I have taken up long bike rides. 12 miles is our longest record for now!

I plan to be Harvey Dent/Two Faced on October 31st.

Then I plan to be Gingivitis on November 1st.

I very much despise my cell phone...SAMSUNG!

Every day I feel more comfortable being me in front of others. I guess that comes with age.

I barely get the chance to chat with Olivia and now we're talking about lint. 

I want to ask for a step stool at work so I can reach those stupid materials on the top shelf.

I crave sleeping in and often times am tempted to throw my alarm out the window.

I want some hot fries right now.

And that's how I've been! The End.

I'll try to update more on this blog =)

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