Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Under the weather

*cough cough*


Stupid sick people. 

Wait, I'm a bit sick. Stupid me.

Hello all sick and soon-to-be sick people! Reminders during the season's change in temperature -


No one is immune to disease.

Wash your hands often.

Drink lots of fluids.

Dress accordingly. No one is interested in seeing the side of your butt cheek (ew!)

If you feel like you may be catching something. Emergen-C is a nice friend to have.

Cover your mouth/nose and stop touching everything!

If you still feel sick, spin around in circles really fast and then stand on your head.

Eat till your stomach punches your mouth.


In other news- 

My bangs are growing out and I'm glad to part with that nuisance. Every year I get the urge to do something different with my boring hair and somehow I always find myself going back to the usual. Nice and boring. Lol

I am a no muss, no fuss kind of gal when it comes to hair. Makeup-  I could spend an hour doing, hair...10 min is my limit before I get annoyed.

It's almost Halloween and we are having an office party this Friday. All human beings must dress up and  I have done a couple of test runs for my costume. Pictures to come! =D

It's so difficult to update my blog lately. I suppose the hours spent at work exhaust me to have motivation  to share anything here. I promise to try harder! I don't want to waste this forum and I'm so honored that anyone visits me here. Thank yous!

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