Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I caught a fish this week.

I caught a fish this week! Actually more than one...plenty! And it inspired me to write a soon to be number one hit song/poem for you all! No need to thank me, just enjoy!


Serve it on a dish.

Eat it, it's de-lish.



No not eye, I meant "I"

Like to eat pie.

So much, it makes me cry.


This is an awe-some SONG!

If you disagree then you're WRONG!


The chorus is here, let it roll like a ball--

I will dominate. With all that I create. And you can try to run but there's only so much road to go before you hear this 


On a separate note, work has been really hectic lately with a few internal changes. And because of that, I've been so tired and fatigued. Monday felt like Wednesday, Today felt like Thursday...Tomorrow will feel like next month. It's all off.

Halloween's coming up. I'm thinking of going with towards a scary route this year. What about you?

***Also, you must love me a lot to read till this point.

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