Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Under the weather

*cough cough*


Stupid sick people. 

Wait, I'm a bit sick. Stupid me.

Hello all sick and soon-to-be sick people! Reminders during the season's change in temperature -


No one is immune to disease.

Wash your hands often.

Drink lots of fluids.

Dress accordingly. No one is interested in seeing the side of your butt cheek (ew!)

If you feel like you may be catching something. Emergen-C is a nice friend to have.

Cover your mouth/nose and stop touching everything!

If you still feel sick, spin around in circles really fast and then stand on your head.

Eat till your stomach punches your mouth.


In other news- 

My bangs are growing out and I'm glad to part with that nuisance. Every year I get the urge to do something different with my boring hair and somehow I always find myself going back to the usual. Nice and boring. Lol

I am a no muss, no fuss kind of gal when it comes to hair. Makeup-  I could spend an hour doing, hair...10 min is my limit before I get annoyed.

It's almost Halloween and we are having an office party this Friday. All human beings must dress up and  I have done a couple of test runs for my costume. Pictures to come! =D

It's so difficult to update my blog lately. I suppose the hours spent at work exhaust me to have motivation  to share anything here. I promise to try harder! I don't want to waste this forum and I'm so honored that anyone visits me here. Thank yous!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I caught a fish this week.

I caught a fish this week! Actually more than one...plenty! And it inspired me to write a soon to be number one hit song/poem for you all! No need to thank me, just enjoy!


Serve it on a dish.

Eat it, it's de-lish.



No not eye, I meant "I"

Like to eat pie.

So much, it makes me cry.


This is an awe-some SONG!

If you disagree then you're WRONG!


The chorus is here, let it roll like a ball--

I will dominate. With all that I create. And you can try to run but there's only so much road to go before you hear this 


On a separate note, work has been really hectic lately with a few internal changes. And because of that, I've been so tired and fatigued. Monday felt like Wednesday, Today felt like Thursday...Tomorrow will feel like next month. It's all off.

Halloween's coming up. I'm thinking of going with towards a scary route this year. What about you?

***Also, you must love me a lot to read till this point.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Collage of Me

Photo Booth and Photoshop

I'm schmexy and I know it

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An update

It's 11:29pm on a typical Wednesday night and I'm sitting here uninspired.

Hello empty blog, how are you doing?

I neglect to write here often because I'm usually all over the place with other social media sites...not that I mean to leave you, blog! You're still my number one! Forever? Foreva eva!?

Anyway, I do better when I have some sort of inspiration or motivation to share/critique/discuss but today's an empty attempt so here's my recap of what is going on lately--

An update on my life. 
By Ophelia N.

I am now a full time employee at an architecture firm where I work on both retail and restaurant projects. 

I like my job and the people and the working atmosphere. My bosses shoot nerf guns at each other.

I carpool with one of my good friends and not only do we share a parking card but we share a lot of laughs.

I am not the shortest person in the office.

I don't exercise anymore. It's disgraceful.

I have bangs now. And no volume. On most days it's a disaster.

I watched Zombieland and liked it a lot but did not love it.

I just painted my nails but I'm sure I'll somehow ruin them by tomorrow morning.

I have a lot of makeup but don't have the motivation to ever stop collecting.

I have come to accept that my eyebrows will never match.

Jimmy and I have taken up long bike rides. 12 miles is our longest record for now!

I plan to be Harvey Dent/Two Faced on October 31st.

Then I plan to be Gingivitis on November 1st.

I very much despise my cell phone...SAMSUNG!

Every day I feel more comfortable being me in front of others. I guess that comes with age.

I barely get the chance to chat with Olivia and now we're talking about lint. 

I want to ask for a step stool at work so I can reach those stupid materials on the top shelf.

I crave sleeping in and often times am tempted to throw my alarm out the window.

I want some hot fries right now.

And that's how I've been! The End.

I'll try to update more on this blog =)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yes, I've heard. 

Today we bid farewell to the very few "creators" from our world. Which got me thinking.

How many of us are still seeking that role? How many of us work to fulfill dreams, establish foundations, pave the way for generations?

We often fall into a whirlwind of routine activities, feeling comfort in meshing in between layers that cushion yet bind us together. Tip toeing outside the lines only for a few seconds before returning back to what we already know.

Steve Jobs was a modest man, but more importantly, an honest man. His famous Stanford speech took the internet by storm as he bluntly disclosed information, opinions, and ideas that most thought but would probably not say in front of thousands of people.

I, unfortunately, was introduced to this speech very recently (I'm talking like three to four months ago) and as usual- it motivated my very core to seek what I loved to do most. It energized me to think outside of myself and see things from another perspective.

But then weeks later, I forgot. 

I can't say it has truly changed my life, not yet at least, but I can tell you that it has encouraged me to question myself. I question what I am doing, what I like doing, why I like doing what I do, and how I am doing all this confusing mumbo jumbo.

I can't really say that the path I am going in is my destiny or if it the decisions I make now are the correct ones. I can only let Jobs's words echo through once in awhile and allow myself to reevaluate. I won't know if anything I say or do now is a sound decision until I can look back on it years later. 

I never truly forgot Steve's speech, if someone were to ask me what it was about I could still summarize each story to create a cohesive alignment to what was said. But I forget to let those words affect me on a regular basis. I forget to remind myself that life is not worth living if not lived. 

I know it's cliche, but I'll post it anyway. I want to remind myself to remember.