Sunday, September 4, 2011

Worth it?

Which items are worth spending the extra cash on? Let's investigate.

Free gift with purchase?

Only if you actually like the item. Don't spend the money to get something you're not excited about- it'll just sit there!

About 90% of my gifts with purchases have been neglected because "they were free so no need to give it so much attention" and yet I cannot find myself to throw any of them away. Dumbo me.

Chips and soda?

Don't do it! You will find it to be a great accompaniment with your meal but you'll also feel guilty and thirsty afterward. I would ask for a side of rainbows instead.

Spicy Miso?


First class?

Only if it's a special occasion. What better way to spend the 5, 10, 20 hours in air than without those really persistent chair kickers behind you. With special attention and extra leg room, I think I would be in airborne bliss.

But to pay the extra EVERY time I flew? No, no, my wallet told me I could deal with the shared armrest.

Good toilet paper?

Always in my opinion! This is an If You Were Stranded On An Island item.

Size upgrade?

Will you use it? Or is this a fulfillment of your lifelong dream for candle families to decorate your room. It IS so cute though but don't be fooled unless you actually will use it!

Good splurges are conditional and the majority of the time border on excessive. Think it through first and consider when/how/what you will use something for before going for it. 

Unless it's spicy miso for your ramen. 

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