Monday, September 26, 2011


In life we are faced with many challenges.

From our preschool years of trying to fight for attention from teachers, peers, and parents. To our elementary years trying to command fairness whilst playing freeze tag-- no cheating! Till our high school years when we are shedding our youthful ignorance and building a protective barrier from peer pressure and cattiness. Then to our college years when reality begins to sink in and real decisions are required. Till now. 

Here I am trying to grow in every which way possible.


Physically. (ew to the bubble butts)



Persistence will carry you through.


Sometimes persistence is annoying.

Here are all the notepads that have been left on our doorstep since we've moved into this place (approx 2.5 years)

Holly jamoley. 10 notepads....stop it Bob and Sue!

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