Friday, September 30, 2011

The many ways I fulfill the Asian stereotypes

1. Taking pictures with 'Victory' signs.

To be honest, I never really did this until I found out it was an asian stereotype.

2. I very meticulously open gifts...and then save the wrapping paper, ribbons, and tissue paper for later.

3. I feel uncomfortable walking on carpet with shoes on... anywhere. Mama would be angry.

4. I say "Aiyah" with an accent that does not belong in my regular speech pattern. 

5. I have unruly baby hairs that stand straight when ... they stand stupidly straight at all times.

6. I make fun of my parents for this all the time but I've started feeling the need to save take out containers for future use.

7. When I'm driving behind an idiot, I always see if they are either old or asian...or if they're an old asian woman.

8. I have learned to play piano many moons ago.

9.  I do taekwondo.

10. I eat dogs.

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