Friday, September 30, 2011

The many ways I fulfill the Asian stereotypes

1. Taking pictures with 'Victory' signs.

To be honest, I never really did this until I found out it was an asian stereotype.

2. I very meticulously open gifts...and then save the wrapping paper, ribbons, and tissue paper for later.

3. I feel uncomfortable walking on carpet with shoes on... anywhere. Mama would be angry.

4. I say "Aiyah" with an accent that does not belong in my regular speech pattern. 

5. I have unruly baby hairs that stand straight when ... they stand stupidly straight at all times.

6. I make fun of my parents for this all the time but I've started feeling the need to save take out containers for future use.

7. When I'm driving behind an idiot, I always see if they are either old or asian...or if they're an old asian woman.

8. I have learned to play piano many moons ago.

9.  I do taekwondo.

10. I eat dogs.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Standing Outside

I stood outside for a little bit. Not walked, literally stood there looking around.

Ever take time to just ... stand?

Well it's odd but you can find a lot of little details you easily neglect in your daily routine. And after trying to walk around my plants looking for a new perspectives whilst avoiding odd glances from my neighbors, I found these lessons:

Strength is in numbers. Beauty is in between uniformity and irregularity.

You'll never blossom until you fully stretch yourself out.

Chores can be routine

Add a smile plus a new perspective and it becomes enjoyable.

Quiet is calming.

A reflection can be distorted.

Never take yourself too seriously. You only live once.

Monday, September 26, 2011


In life we are faced with many challenges.

From our preschool years of trying to fight for attention from teachers, peers, and parents. To our elementary years trying to command fairness whilst playing freeze tag-- no cheating! Till our high school years when we are shedding our youthful ignorance and building a protective barrier from peer pressure and cattiness. Then to our college years when reality begins to sink in and real decisions are required. Till now. 

Here I am trying to grow in every which way possible.


Physically. (ew to the bubble butts)



Persistence will carry you through.


Sometimes persistence is annoying.

Here are all the notepads that have been left on our doorstep since we've moved into this place (approx 2.5 years)

Holly jamoley. 10 notepads....stop it Bob and Sue!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A meal is the real deal.

A cook has a nook of a hook.

Food should be good.

Chicken is frickin kickin.

Salad makes me valid.

Mushroom, onions, and squash are posh.

Main point: we made dinner.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sometimes size matters

We started growing dragon fruit when friends and family began to share their abundant supply of vines.

One flower finally bloomed! We excitedly picked it and set it for display.

Meanwhile Jimmy's mom went about her business, expertly catering to her ever growing stock of dragon fruit.

She kindly shared her supply with us.

What happened?!?!?!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello Fall

As the fall season approaches, we are reminded of the cycle of life. 

Spring brings growth, summer enables warmth, then comes Fall 

When it's time to hibernate for other animals, it is time for humans to enjoy the cooler mornings and sleep in...zzzz *don't miss your wake up alarms*

When the leaves brown and crunchify (possibly a new word) we are allowed to engage in what I call the 'Jump/stomp/tap dance over dance.'

When the sun sets earlier, we get to see beautiful swirls of deep colors in the sky followed by gorgeous warm sunsets.

When the temperatures cool down and cuddling with fat dogs become a treat.

Hot cocoa and/or hot coffee.

----though I will miss the summer heat and prolonged days, I guess Fall isn't so bad =)

If you're crazy and you know it, jump!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Moon

Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival Everyone!

If you are unaware of the Chinese festivities, it is a holiday that we currently celebrate with family members by gathering together, eating a large meal, and sharing the same folklores with unique (read: silly) twists.

In the past, people traveled far distances to find work throughout China to be able to send money back to their families. Without many opportunities to leave work, Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was one reason for companies to allow time off so that everyone could return home to see loved ones.

After our main course there is often moon cake, taro dipped in sugar, an array of fruits such as grapes, apples, starfruit, grapefruit, etc. We retell the same old stories of how heros saved the world from tyranny and suffering. We enjoy each other's company.

I know it is not often for everyone to want to spend time with nagging parents, emotional teens, uncontrollable youth but some traditions should be savored and cherished. Find something, past and present, and make it important. Make your family spend time together because that laugher can never be replaced.

Moon cake, anyone?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What do you cherish?

There are so many things I cherish in life.

My family.

These are people who support me and love me unconditionally. They make me laugh and remind me where home really is at the end of the day.

My friends.

They listen to my issues, laugh at my lame jokes, and offer hugs when the gray won't stop clouding the skies.

My boyfriend/girlfriend.

He is my best friend and most reliable source of advice, love, and support. He is weird and it makes me laugh.


I recently found this. And I don't know if my love for all those above compare to the love I have for this price tag.

Yes, I dedicated an entire post for that.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Worth it?

Which items are worth spending the extra cash on? Let's investigate.

Free gift with purchase?

Only if you actually like the item. Don't spend the money to get something you're not excited about- it'll just sit there!

About 90% of my gifts with purchases have been neglected because "they were free so no need to give it so much attention" and yet I cannot find myself to throw any of them away. Dumbo me.

Chips and soda?

Don't do it! You will find it to be a great accompaniment with your meal but you'll also feel guilty and thirsty afterward. I would ask for a side of rainbows instead.

Spicy Miso?


First class?

Only if it's a special occasion. What better way to spend the 5, 10, 20 hours in air than without those really persistent chair kickers behind you. With special attention and extra leg room, I think I would be in airborne bliss.

But to pay the extra EVERY time I flew? No, no, my wallet told me I could deal with the shared armrest.

Good toilet paper?

Always in my opinion! This is an If You Were Stranded On An Island item.

Size upgrade?

Will you use it? Or is this a fulfillment of your lifelong dream for candle families to decorate your room. It IS so cute though but don't be fooled unless you actually will use it!

Good splurges are conditional and the majority of the time border on excessive. Think it through first and consider when/how/what you will use something for before going for it. 

Unless it's spicy miso for your ramen.