Thursday, August 4, 2011

My day

Here I am sitting on my TJ Max chair blogging and eating my Fresh & Easy sandwich. 

I cannot even count how many sandwiches I've consumed since working at this internship. Well...I suppose I could count them but I would be mighty depressed. 

I have decided that I need to become more active and putting more effort in taking care of myself. I need to go to the store, buy groceries, and make food. What a booger.

I'm in the sixth? week of my internship and six weeks more experienced with the architecture/design process. Unfortunately to many people (MANY MANY PEOPLE WHO KEEP ASKING AND ASKING) this is not a paid internship and not a guaranteed job. I decided that though my financial situation is very important, I need to just see the upside of things and understand that the experience gained is the most crucial factor. 

Which is the reason I felt the need to blog more often. Remember once upon a time I blogged every day. The end.

No wait, not yet. 

I don't think I can blog daily but I will try to keep updating on my current situation with working. Here's a snippet of what happened today!

7am          wake up to snooze
7:10         actually wake up
8:05         making 2 eggs, toast, and coffee for breakfast
9:00         walk into work
10:30        restroom break
10:32        jump back onto my rolly chair and ended up 
             rolling 2 feet from where I started
12:35        heat up lunch and chat with chatty chatsters in 
             the kitchen
1:15         back to my desk and opening my Hershey's Milk 
             Chocolate with Almonds candy bar
4:20?        just realized it was so late already! May going
             insane with her Revit crashing = Pinkberry 
4:30         some guy bikes up and does a cheesy cheesy wink
             before asking if our company was hiring..?
5:50         packing up and hearing coworkers take shots 
6:30ish      returned home!

Ok, I'll be back soon with another colorful update!

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