Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm a big girl now! (name that song)

I am typically not that go-getter gal who jumps out of bed every morning with a song in her heart and a bounce to her step.

I wake up groggy and stumbling as I wipe the drool off my cheek.

BUT I decided that it's about time to make small changes in my life. Though they are miniscule, every little step counts. 

Step 1. Try to do more for me.

Step 1.A  : Cook for myself.

To be honest, I find the effort to make a full meal such a waste if I'm only cooking for myself. All that work just for me? Well, why not, if there's anyone I should really work on pleasing then it should be myself.

People in life will come in and out but YOU should ALWAYS be YOUR best friend. Respect yourself, treat yourself, and take care of yourself.

Here's my attempt a few nights ago:

Yum yum yummy?

It didn't even taste bad! Lol, I am not new to cooking by any means. And though I quickly admit defeat at the beginning of every group cooking event, I am not exactly a novice. Therefore in an attempt to step outside of this laziness, I made honey glazed pork chop riblets with boiled cauliflower and rice.

Go me!


  1. Yes. Yes. Too big actually. Need to slim it a little bit. Ah! Ah!