Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aiming high

Oh life. What curve balls you throw me.

How is everyone? I feel like I have not blogged much here lately. Well, let's catch up again in hyper speed!

1. I took a few road trips recently. One being San Diego!

delightful bubbly flights

stay hopeful

a picturesque picture of a person taking a picture

relaxing on the beautiful sandy carpet

freeze frame

ripples of reflections

face kick

gifts = happy

Corner seat

this will someday be in my bibliography

2. We also made our way to Berkeley to help the little bimbo (who is 1/2 an inch or more shorter than me) move into the new place. Gorgeous large windows and a skylit bathroom! What more could one ask for?

Oh, custom fitted curtains for the oversized windows? Ok, now you're asking for too much.

No pictures from me personally but here's a video to hold you over with until said Bimbo gives a video tour!

heheh, best thumbnail ever.

3. Starting this week, officially, I am no longer an intern.

4. I just ate a ginormous peach and am feeling too full. Full is cool.

5. I will try to blog more.

I have been working hard to become a professional Lazy Lady

almost there

Also, how weird would it be if  I had a long hair combover?

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  1. congrats on your job! er, new position? whatever, you get it, congrats.