Thursday, July 21, 2011

Write it down

If you grew up without a girly little 6"x8" journal/diary (depends on your personal definition! ;) hehe) with a silly little lock and useless keys missed out! 

Did everyone begin their journal/diaries = jouraries with phrases like, "Dear Diary" and end with, "Sincerely yours," or "love always"

Silly us. But actually all that journal writing was and still is quite therapeutic. It is the best way to evoke emotions and release some anger/hurt/confusion/etc. It is great to have a forum to gather your thoughts. And even better with wonderful friends and family to share that too.

Er.. I mean to share this blogger not to share your diary. That would be mean.

I tried to take a mini break from my blog with shorter posts, less thought, and more pictures. I felt ensured that anyone who took time to read it would be distracted with the nutty faces and not realize my lack of thought or effort.

Well, whether or not you noticed, I did. It bothers me that I update with a non-update. True that this is my blog and I can do with it however I wish. But if I were to read back many years from now, I want to understand what happened in my life at that moment. Not how flexible my mouth could be in weirdo pictures. (btw, it can be quite flexible!)

So though today was just an explanation to you and to myself- I felt it was necessary. I cannot guarantee life changing posts or even consistent posts at that. But I can promise that I will try. I will try to share because who knows, it might hold some value to someone other than myself. =)

I vow to update my blog more and update myself.

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