Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not making too much sense

I'm tired. Why am I so tired.

No one really warned me about this time change. No, I did not travel to a different part of the country/world. No, I did not mess up my sleeping schedule (too badly)

I started working. 

I believe it will take me some time to readjust but in the meantime, how many nicknames do you give your family/friends?

For our family, we often forget our real names since we creative folk think of all offensive/nonsensical/lame names for one another all the time.

It starts of innocently calling Dad "Father J" which then morphed into "Farmer John" which changed to "Daddy" and then Odona changed it to "Dee-dahh" for the extra Southern twang.

That one was more tame. Odona's was quite the journey.

Once upon a time, there was an angry eyebrowed baby named Odona. She grew up with silly children teases like "Donut." As she grew older friends nicknamed her "Odo" which then sounded to similar to "Frodo" which brought on "Frodona," "FroFro," "Fromo," "Frodo of the Ocho," "Afro."

Check out our creation of the Frodo Afro Do-do.

I need to get some sleep.


  1. you should get less sleep. the more tired, the more entertaining these posts are! muahah, frodino ze beano!

  2. will you please sleep and stop thinking of new nicknames for me? there are way too many that i just answer to anything now.