Friday, July 29, 2011

A reason to get together

What better time than the present? 

I always go through the same routine with friends, we hang out and reminisce and make comments about wishing we had more chances to hang out again. Then we have about a few month gap before getting together to do it all over again.

Well not anymore!

I'm going to actually make an effort! Friends are important in my life and should be in yours as well. Social interactions is what helps people grow.

Grow, humans, grow!

I finish the night off with good memories of laughter and good food. <3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Write it down

If you grew up without a girly little 6"x8" journal/diary (depends on your personal definition! ;) hehe) with a silly little lock and useless keys missed out! 

Did everyone begin their journal/diaries = jouraries with phrases like, "Dear Diary" and end with, "Sincerely yours," or "love always"

Silly us. But actually all that journal writing was and still is quite therapeutic. It is the best way to evoke emotions and release some anger/hurt/confusion/etc. It is great to have a forum to gather your thoughts. And even better with wonderful friends and family to share that too.

Er.. I mean to share this blogger not to share your diary. That would be mean.

I tried to take a mini break from my blog with shorter posts, less thought, and more pictures. I felt ensured that anyone who took time to read it would be distracted with the nutty faces and not realize my lack of thought or effort.

Well, whether or not you noticed, I did. It bothers me that I update with a non-update. True that this is my blog and I can do with it however I wish. But if I were to read back many years from now, I want to understand what happened in my life at that moment. Not how flexible my mouth could be in weirdo pictures. (btw, it can be quite flexible!)

So though today was just an explanation to you and to myself- I felt it was necessary. I cannot guarantee life changing posts or even consistent posts at that. But I can promise that I will try. I will try to share because who knows, it might hold some value to someone other than myself. =)

I vow to update my blog more and update myself.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I now hate weekends

After every weekend this happens.

I enjoy staying up, I gain energy at night. I'm basically an owl.

It is only on weekends when I allow myself to stay up an hour or two extra so that I can also sleep in. Sleeping in is surprisingly therapeutic.

But guess what? It's 1:49am, Sunday night and I'm still not asleep.

I tried. I tossed and turned like a stupid salad. I'm definitely tired but I'm still awake.

I am much more a night person than a morning person. I probably run on a different time zone.

I need to fix this. Fix it like an engine. An engine that sleeps at the wrong times.


What was wrong with Fred Flintstone? He never wore pants did he?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Not inspired.

Ick, icky, ickity-too-tah

I love my blog, I enjoy writing in it and posting pictures...but, I'm having a difficult time finding inspiration to write.

Odd because I usually find peace when sharing my opinions and writing out my thoughts. I suppose I'm a bit tired and numb lately. 

In due time. I will figure out how to manage my time, reboost my energy, and come back to write the crumbdillideedum out of this blog.

Love you!

ps. I sneeze more than I blink now

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not making too much sense

I'm tired. Why am I so tired.

No one really warned me about this time change. No, I did not travel to a different part of the country/world. No, I did not mess up my sleeping schedule (too badly)

I started working. 

I believe it will take me some time to readjust but in the meantime, how many nicknames do you give your family/friends?

For our family, we often forget our real names since we creative folk think of all offensive/nonsensical/lame names for one another all the time.

It starts of innocently calling Dad "Father J" which then morphed into "Farmer John" which changed to "Daddy" and then Odona changed it to "Dee-dahh" for the extra Southern twang.

That one was more tame. Odona's was quite the journey.

Once upon a time, there was an angry eyebrowed baby named Odona. She grew up with silly children teases like "Donut." As she grew older friends nicknamed her "Odo" which then sounded to similar to "Frodo" which brought on "Frodona," "FroFro," "Fromo," "Frodo of the Ocho," "Afro."

Check out our creation of the Frodo Afro Do-do.

I need to get some sleep.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Family Affair

I must tell you that-

life is too short to not have fun.

Let's break it down.

This is Olivia, she gets a bit possessed while face masking.

This is my mommy, she is quite shocked.

This is Big J, he thinks he looks the best.

This is Odona, Frodona, Frodo and she is The Eye.

This is me. I am sorry I made you look at these.

No wait. I'm not.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Road trip : San Jose

Whew, last installment of my Road Trip series. I'm sorry it took this long to complete, it's been a bit difficult with my internet issues and recent change in my life. Here's what happened on our last day!

In the past twenty plus years of participating in this annual holiday trip to San Jose, we never once made it to the Winchester House. So on this particular trip, we decided to bypass all family and only visit the Winchester House. Somehow this made sense at the time.

If you are unfamiliar with the Winchester House, it was owned by the Winchester family. Yes, the man who owned rights to the creation of the Winchester gun- wealthy! After Mr. Winchester passed, Mrs. Winchester began to seek fortune tellers and anyone who offered advice on how to ward off spirits.

She believed that she would be haunted by all the spirits who had died from the barrel of her husband's creation. So the (not sure what they are called) person who conducted seances told her that in order to confuse and trap spirits, she would have to never stop building her house. 

So she did...not. She had builders make stairs that lead to the ceilings, doors that opened to nothing, rooms that could not open, etc... With her husband's fortune and her aunt's will's contribution to her, she was very wealthy with about 20 million dollars around the 1850's - 1900's. 

We couldn't take pictures inside the house, but we were allowed to capture the gardens and sheds.


fake embrace

It was an interesting tour. About two and a half hours, over a mile, and barely 3 stories in this house. I would say go if you have nothing to do, but compared to other tours and hyped up expectations, it was just okay. Still, we're glad we went and I'm glad my update is over! Let's get back to what's going on now!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Road trip : San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

***I'm sorry these posts are coming out so inconsistently. I've been away from internet for the past week =T Hopefully that situation will change soon.

This is the part of my recap where I share how stupid we can be - even on vacation.

We then proceeded to find a museum of a antique arcade machines. 

We won very few of those games that day.

After that was a walk on the pier.

And a glance at Alcatraz.

This did not seem to be a part of the trip where we learned much. But it was fun!