Thursday, June 23, 2011

Road trip : Santa Barbara

In an attempt to capture a quick retreat escape with my sisters, we took a road trip up north and the next series of blog posts will describe what we have seen.

Two hours into our trip, we arrived in somewhat sunny Santa Barbara. Gorgeous town it was with Spanish Colonial architecture and quite a comfortable quaint feel. 

Unfortunately the morning fog had settled in early that day and was resistant to leave us throughout our drive. It did get better through the afternoon. =)

I had originally researched different buildings to see and different restaurants to try but once we parked our vehicle, we realized we had arrived to a mall. After walking through the large shopping area, we found a delicious deli sandwich place Bitterman's Deli.

A delightful stroll after lunch brought us to our decision of heading off to the beach to enjoy some sun.

Conclusion: we should come back to explore more, with our limited availability we were unable to see as much as we had wanted. But the city is beautiful and the beaches are obviously cleaner.

We soaked up some sun and continued on our journey.

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